Is it just us, or do some people make it a point to drive like complete opposites of what humble intelligence is on Kuwait's roads?
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I know, Kuwait is just renowned for its excellent drivers-we're kind of famous for that actually. Not a day goes by where I am not just thrilled that the genius behind me decided that it would be advantageous for both of us if he simply drove around my car, instead of gluing the bumper of his huge car (which is not supposed to compensate for anything) to mine, in an effort to, apparently, have me drive into the car next to me, just so his amazing, undoubtedly masculine, perfect highness can go bother someone else.

But then again, I'm just stubborn, and it only means that I'm the problem if I refuse to speed up for his sake, or doll up for a snap shot by the cameras littered along the roads—almost as if, mind you, that they were there to capture people speeding, because the idea seems to be that, if you speed, you may end up hitting someone, and we kind of want to avoid that. Speeding is bad. Get it?

On the other hand, I cannot say that I'll be joining the fan club of Drivers Who Don't Use Turn-Lights either, since I sort of exist in an alternate universe where, you would use the turn-lights when you want to make a turn. Because, in theory, or in my head anyway, it is better, to use them when you want to make a turn, not just sit there and kind of just hope that people will read your no-doubt, not only complex, but superior mind.

And may I just say, that the whole “speeding up when you want to merge into the road, even though all the lanes are empty, and I want to-be a jerk” thing—it's not working for me. Can we, perhaps pretend that common courtesy is what matters in a person?

Then again, I'm just weird and no one really knows what I'm talking about.

– Afnan Al-Jalail

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