Dhari Al-Moawed, the brains behind Klue, was inspired to create a scavenger hunt after watching a reality TV show- "The Amazing Race". Intrigued by the nature of the game, he believed it was an exciting and new activity that would appeal to a variety of people in Kuwait.

Klue is the answer to every adventurous and daring personality that wants to compete in a fast paced fun activity- which sometimes doesn't just push your brains but also your fears.

The Khaleejesque team followed Dhari for a day and witnessed what goes on behind the scenes of this dynamic fun-packed and fairly new Kuwaiti scavenger hunt venture.

If you had to summarize Klue in a sentence, what would it be? 

First of all, Klue stands for  the word "clue" as you pronounce it, and K stands for "Kuwait". The idea of the game is about arranging a customized adventure where teams have to look for clues around Kuwait. You experience lots of unexpected situations and things that you have to decipher all whilst having fun and breaking one's daily routine.

What inspired you to introduce the concept of Klue to Kuwaiti society?

I always watch reality TV shows, and think about having these games in Kuwait. I applied the idea in real life and share this experience with people who're always looking for new forms of entertainment.

Can all age groups participate in the game?

Well I think the suitable age for this game is around 18 years old and above, since most of the teams have to use a car for transportation to get to the clues that are scattered all around Kuwait. Also, for now, it's not suitable for children since it needs a certain amount of physical endurance and flexibility.

Did Kuwaiti society accept the idea of having such games and adventures?

Actually, I had tested the game before I established Klue whilst at university and there were some people that didn't accept the idea. However, there was a large number of people who actually liked it and got through it. Eventually, I found out that many people liked the idea, especially men and women in their 30's and 40's.

Were there any difficulties when you first started your project?

No, I didn't face any. Actually, there weren't any difficulties beside some minor injuries. Also, planning the game and setting the clues was fairly manageable; I find that it's all about having professional time management skills and a credible reputation; thankfully I am doing well on that side.

Since the idea of the game has been implemented before, weren't you afraid that you would not succeed?

No I wasn't, since it's all about being creative and constantly coming up with fresh ideas. I believe that I have the freedom and the ability to implement it and take the risk. I came up with Klue- a unique venture and company, and like each company it has it's own concept and traditions. It's safe to say that Klue isn't your average business as it has many different standards and rules.

Being an Industrial Engineering student, how do you manage your time between your studies and managing Klue?

Actually, from being an Industrial Engineering student, I gained skills in how to manage and balance my time. Once we  manage our time, I think we are able to do more than one project, besides our studies. My studies taught me how to deal with time, modeling, and planning;I am implementing these concepts in my real life.

What is the price range for the game?

The price is 25KD per person. There are also loyalty cards for each person who participates in Klue. The first two games are 25 KD, the third game is 50% off, with the fourth game being free.

Do you set a specific place for the game?

No I don't, everything depends on the customers requirements when they choose the zone of the game, such as the chalet (beach-houses) area or Kuwait City. After they have listed their requirements, I then plan and choose the places accordingly

What were the craziest and riskiest things that happened in a game of Klue?

There was an incident where players had to put their hand in a jar full of mice to grab a clue. There was also a time where players had to grab the attention of a large group of people in the airport; they had to come up with a creative way to accomplish that and one girl decided to scream as loud as she could in the middle of the terminal, something that made the policeman come running towards her thinking something was wrong when she was only doing it to win the game. Luckily, the policeman laughed it off and waited to see what the other team was going to come up with.

Do you have any recommendations for people who want to play for the first time?

I recommend they play in Kuwait City and not in the chalet area, since it's more entertaining and adventurous in the city. Also, people should make sure to think of their requirements, for example there was a group that wanted a purely physical game but mistakenly listed that they wanted it to be a mental scavenger hunt. So please read and fill out the the form accordingly!

What are your future goals and services?

My long-term goals are creating a Kids Klue, establishing a small company, and taking Klue to the next level by making it more competitive and rewarding; as well as upgrading the rewards, in order to reward the winning team with a more valuable prize.

For more information and reservations, visit www.K-lue.com

-Khaled Al-Bannay


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