You don't need to lament over the fact that you never went to the Cordon Bleu to make that meal anymore.
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Have you ever wondered what it takes to cook one's food in a professional way instead of going to some fancy restaurant and pay double what the food’s worth? Well, that shouldn’t be an issue in the near future.

SmartChef is a computer concept that tells you what ingredients to buy and how to cook them, resulting in a wonderful healthy meal.

It has two parts; a 13” x 20” x 3” cutting board to cut the ingredients and an 8” x 9” x 1” touch-sensitive tablet to carry around.The tablet lets you download your favorite dishes so you can read the ingredients and cooking steps as well as adjust the ingredients by setting the calorie limit and diet state with just a couple of clicks.

It doesn’t stop there, you can drag it to the market and use it to provide you with the ingredient’s details such as where it came from, it's type, how many calories it consists of, and the ingredients that can work with it as well as even recommend the amount you should consume based on the state of your health.

The cutting board isn’t just a cutting board, it can detect the ingredient’s content and weight as well as warn you if there’s something wrong. You wouldn’t have to worry about cooking and waiting for the right moment to take that dish out of the oven, since SmartChef will connect to the cooking machine wirelessly and take care of it all accordingly; even setting the oven's temperature and cooking time.

This concept will transform any passionate eater to Chef extraordinaire without having to join one of those ultra sophisticated culinary schools.

– Dherar Z. Al-Rashoud. Images courtesy of Kaiju Studios.

"Dherar is a young adult that doesn't seem that way at most times. Passionate for electronics and technology, he has grown to what most youngsters these days call; a geek. A computer and photography enthusiast that takes these hobbies to a total higher level. He has other addictions such as chocolate and coffee. Check out his blog here"

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