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One of the latest trends that seems to be everywhere–and not just in Bahrain–is headbands. These accessories that instantly jazz up an outfit have been seen on just about everyone, from Victoria Beckham to trendy girls walking around Seef Mall. It seems that Bahrain’s latest headband designing (and making!) duo, Nada Tawfeeqi and Noora Al Hadi, who together make up Pretty Little Things, have something to do with this.

The two close friends both fell in love with the headbands that Leighton Meester’s character–Blair Waldorf–wore on a few episodes on Gossip Girl. Using this as their inspiration, they decided to make their own headbands by adding their own spin on this classic accessory.

The Pretty Little headbands are all made individually, using unique “fine fabrics, trims and findings”. A number of collections are available, including the Rose, Crystal and the latest Feather collection. With a wide range of styles and colours available, you are bound to find something that you like. Our personal favourite is the Crystal collection, but if you really want to make a statement, then go for one from the Feather collection. The headbands in this collection are a little bit Royal Ascot, but definitely with a modern twist. The only problem that you will face is trying to decide which ones to actually buy, since all of them are fabulous!

Currently, the Pretty Little Things duo work from home, and take orders through their Facebook group or email. However, they are currently working on a website so that people from both in and outside Bahrain can place orders (it wouldn’t be fair for us Bahraini’s not to share these stylish headbands with everyone else, would it?). Also, Nada and Noora are hoping to open a Pretty Little Things Boutique in the near future.

Make sure to check out the Pretty Little Things Facebook group sometime soon since these headbands sell out fast. Definitely get your hands on a few, since they will automatically funk up otherwise boring outfits. But try to control yourself or you might end up buying most of the headbands, as they are to die for!
For enquiries or orders please visit the Pretty Little Things Facebook group or email

– Noora Abul

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