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As an entry-level professional photographer, I sometimes find difficulties setting up my camera on a tripod and stabilize it on some angles. But with Gorillapod, you don't really have to worry as much.

Gorillapod is a unique tripod that doesn't depend on elevated surfaces. It's made of more than 30 ball-and-socket joints to give you the ability to bend and twist them as you please without worrying about the camera's steadiness. The rubber rings and covers allow the required grip to hold even the heaviest cameras steady whatever surface they're on.

You can use it as a normal tripod on an elevated surface or let it cling to vertical or horizontal bars and it'll stay the way it is, thanks goes to the innovative group at Joby for coming up with the soft rings and rubberized feet.

The Gorillapod comes in different types according to the size of the camera it will carry:

    * Go-Go! – For small devices and compact cameras.

    * Original – For point-and-shoot cameras. It also comes in 7 colors.

    * SLR – For lightweight SLR cameras.

    * SLR-ZOOM – For SLR cameras with lenses and flashes.

    * Focus – For cameras with large zoom lenses or heavy video cameras.

Forget tough angles, Gorillapod gives you the chance to start taking shots wherever you may want, cling it on a branch or a lamp post, the possibilities are endless!

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– Dherar Z. Al-Rashoud. Images:

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