Why settle for restaurants when you can have dinner among the stars? Read more…

Been to all the restaurants in town? Ever been to the one in the sky? Dinner in the sky is a very unique dinner experience; a 4-course meal is served over 2 hours, 50 meters in the sky. The table slowly gets pulled up and then rotates 360 degrees in order to enjoy different views from above which in Dubai overlooks the fabulous Jumeirah Beach Residence. However, if 2 hours is too long for your taste (or bladder) then you can choose to chill in the sky for 30 minutes and snack on tea sandwiches, scones and coffee. Dinner in the sky is also a great experience gift for an adventurous friend or for someone who has everything!

Now in Dubai at The Walk, JBR. For more information, visit dinnerinthesky.com

– Fastidious Babe. Images: dinnerinthesky.com

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