Sharm El Sheikh, the idyllic Egyptian town situated on the coasts of the Red Sea, is the perfect place to escape to from life’s stressors and hassles. Boasting eye-opening underwater coral reefs, a plethora of rainbow colored fish, luxurious world-class resorts, and fabulous weather, Sharm El Sheikh is the perfect weekend holiday destination.

From water sports and desert buggy trips when the sun’s up, to a hip and happening nightlife with parties in the desert at night, Sharm El Sheikh caters to all ages, and interests. So what can you do on a weekend in Sharm El Sheikh?

  • Hit the beach. Work on that tan, but be wary no matter how the sun seems pleasant, it scorches and will burn you. Go generous with the sun block!
  • Unleash that daredevil within and take part in the many water activities offered there. You can go on the many water rides such as the banana boat, or try a stint of knee boarding. Adventure seekers may also parasail; an activity not for the faint hearted, parasailing is a sea version of parachuting, but instead you get strapped to a parachute which is hooked up to a speeding jet-boat, and float above the luscious blue waters.
  • Arrange a boat trip. Everyone who goes to Sharm gets on a boat at one point in their trip; it’s the best way to observe that mesmerizing sea and desert blend where the Sinai mountains seem to look like they are blooming out of the sea.
  • Whilst on the trip, ask to go to the ever famous “Ras Mohammed,” a protected coral reef sanctuary in which you can snorkel with the vast array of fishes, and colorful underwater life; trust us you’ll not only feast your eyes but also be gawking at the many different fishes that made their debut in Pixar’s “Finding Nemo” animated movie. We know we loved seeing “Dory.”
  • An avid Scuba diver? Sharm El Sheikh boasts one of the best diving places on Earth. You can dive deep into the coral reefs and escape our world into the mysterious yet beautiful underwater world, something that is guaranteed to take your breath away. Not a Scuba diver but want in? You can join the many scuba dive centers in Sharm and get a beginner’s course, practice and dive all in one day.
  • Love Flipper? Well, guess what? You can swim with the dolphins at Sharm at Dolphinella Park and get pictures or a video to show off to your friends back home.
  • When the sun starts to set, that does not mean that the day has ended in Sharm; on the contrary in most places it has just begun. Put your swimsuits to dry and go explore Sharm’s renowned nightlife from the bustling Na’ama Bay-a pedestrian avenue choc bloc full with restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops, and night clubs. If you want to know who else is in Sharm, you will definitely find them here.
  • Join the many Desert night excursions and have dinner under the stars in an authentic tent with many excursions organizing folklore Egyptian entertainment, sometimes a live belly dancer. A romantic itinerary that makes you experience the stark contrast of desert and coastal life in a matter of hours.
  • Have a thrill to race? Satisfy this passion at Ghibli Raceway. A professional Go-Kart center, Ghibli Raceway can organize a private race for you and your friends and also print you out your race stats at the end. Not a normal Go-Kart place, this is the real deal.


Pack your bags and fly to Sharm at the nearest weekend to start off your weekend Khaleejesque style!

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