The highly successful Pretty Little Things event in Kuwait is back with it's second installment; this time it's going to help aid renovate the local orphanage in Kuwait.

This social event that was started by Noaf Hussein as a way for creatives, the curious, and those who appreciate the smallest of nuances to get together, shop, chat, and network with bloggers and each other in a beautiful setting is all about the small details, the ones that make you smile—the pretty little things.

Noaf Hussein

Taking place at Al Sadu House from April 28th-May 1st, Pretty Little Things is an exhibit and social event which will showcase the talents of regional brands and personalities; in which you sample new things and meet the people behind them.

The first Pretty Little Things took place last December. Twinkling light-strung trees, trays of floral ceramic pots filled with complimentary tea, flickering tea light candles and baby yellow roses enchanted visitors, who cozied up with checkered blankets on golden park benches. Inside the venue, a hand-selected group of vendors showcased their wares.

This time around Pretty Little Things will have a more philanthropic feel to it. With the help of local Abyat, Home of Homes Retail Store, Pretty Little Things will pitch efforts with Khair Al-Kuwait Charity Foundation to renovate the local Kuwaiti orphange. When asked why she decided to give the Pretty Little Things Event an altruistic twist, Noaf Hussein states, "After seeing how receptive people were to the first event, I sat back and thought, wow, I have to harness some of this power for good. I chose the orphanage after seeing tweets about how run down and depressing the place was, and felt hope when I heard Khair Al Kuwait had started renovations. That was the moment it all came together. Khair Al Kuwait were our pro bono client when I worked at an ad agency which was my very first job. So it was meant to be!"

The event will comprise of an initial exhibition with renown participants and brands from around the Gulf such as Razan Al Azzouni, Fyunka, Sotra Boutique, Th'haba, The Yard, Pieces by Farah and many more.

Taking center stage however is the goal of renovating the orphanage. Pretty Little Things is aiming to renovate an entire building at the orphanage and plans on going about it as follows. Some of the items for the renovation were gracuously donated by Abya, others will be placed on a wish list. This wish list will be available at the event, and from which event-goers can pledge from. The money in turn goes to buy those needed items, and the donors see exactly where there money is going to be used. The items will be supplied at a discount price from Abyat.

At the same time, there will be an art installation at the event to raise funds, in which the money raised will go to buy what's left of the wish list post-event. According to Noaf Hussein, founder of Pretty Little Things, "every person who attends will be an integral part of it."

How can you help with this charitable cause?

  1. Show up
  2. Help out with the wish list or take part in the charity installation at the event
  3. Spread the word
  4. Remember that every little bit counts
  5. Feel great about your contribution

It's noteworthy to mention that a couple of Kuwaiti Restaurants have hopped onto the charitable cause's bandwagon such as Solo Pizza and Hashtag Burgers; both of whom have created a special item on their menu called "Pretty Little Things" with the portion of the proceeds from the sales will be donated to this charitable cause.

Be sure to pop by for a visit and support this charitable cause as well as regional talents and brands.

The first day of the event will be on Saturday the 28th from 4pm-7pm and will be reserved for bloggers. The official opening taking place 7:30 pm of that day, in which prominent figures from Bait Sadu and Khair Al Kuwait Charity Organization will attend. On the rest of the days, the event will be from 3 PM to 10:30 PM Daily.

For more information check out their Facebook page , or follow them on Twitter @PLTQ8

– Khaleejesque Staff Writer

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