Salvador Dali (1904-1989) was a Spanish born painter, artist, sculptor and designer. He is famous for his meticulous yet dream like pieces that are heavily reminiscent of the Surrealist school of thought. Often described as an exhibitionist and eccentric personality Dali’s work reflects his creative imagination. Dali was interested in art, music, philosophy and science and all his pieces are influenced by these elements. He became known as one to push boundaries and create pieces that were fluid, symbolic and mythical.

The Opera Gallery in Dubai is showcasing some of his most iconic pieces. They have a range of his paintings, sculptures and jewelry pieces from his collection of ‘Dance of Time’; that can be described as his interpretation of time slipping away.  There is a range of the heavily jeweled pieces on display. Glittery and eye-catching, the minature designs on display are symbolic and sensual representing human, fairytale and mythical characters. The monumental sculptures are overwhelmingly beautiful, they show characters with strength and poise that symbolize wealth and prosperity.

The exhibition is great and is a definite must-see!

It's open to the public and will be on display in the Opera Gallery at Dubai Mall till the 29th of November.

For more information, check out the Opera Gallery's website or call them on +9714-3230909 .

– Guest Blogger Saira Malik @saira79

Image Credits: Saira Malik

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