The floral boutique Worood has launched the Pink Rose Campaign which aims to spread breast cancer awareness. The way it works is by distributing pink roses at community programs that are working towards breast cancer awareness. What is special about the roses is that short messages, left by online users, are attached with the pink roses. So far, 1500 pink roses are distributed to cancer patients and survivors. A simple yet very successful concept to spread awareness. The following interview with managing director, Maryam Al Noori, helps shed light on the The Pink Rose Campaign.

What inspired you to launch The Pink Rose campaign?

Worood has been involved with several CSR activities over the years. However, this year we wanted to start something that would have external participation as many situations involve people from across different groups living in the UAE. Our intentions for beginning the Pink Rose campaign stems from the interaction we want to have in the day to day life of people in the UAE. As we progress with this campaign we are certain of supporting many causes with the simple message of hope and admiration for all people and their family and friends who are in the midst of difficult times.

Moreover we needed to get in tune with the evolving times in terms of communication. The Pink Rose campaign is purely an online campaign on Facebook and Twitter and is in turn supported by our physical pink rose distribution at events such as the SolidariTea and a large one at Dubai Hospital where we even distributed pink ribbon pins. There are also the Bras for a Cause event and a special gathering by the Pink Caravan. We are set to take part in many other events this month to support Breast Cancer Awareness.

How do you think you can contribute to the society?

Since we begun the Pink Rose campaign a fortnight ago we have already been collecting some heartwarming messages of love, compassion, hope and courage. These messages will be now distributed along with our pink roses at select gatherings in and around the UAE. Our boutiques in Dubal Mall, Mall of Emirates and Up-Town Mirdiff we are now encouraging customers to send bouquets or even single roses to anyone who they know that is a breast cancer patient and we will be donating the entire amount to a specially appointed beneficiary.

From firsthand experience, we can see the recipients of the roses get an instant smile on their face when they receive these flowers. We are aware of the positive effects flowers have on people. They bring brightness, colour and sweet aromas and are always one of the happiest things a person can receive and that is exactly  what we want to generate – something to add that extra bit of happiness in each and every person’s life that we touch.

What has been the response to this campaign?

Since October 1, 2011, when the Pink Rose campaign went live online, we have seen a tremendous response both on Facebook as well as Twitter. Besides just the numbers, we have established a rapport with many cancer patients themselves, their support groups and a lot of the younger generation who we want to focus on are now a part of this campaign. We will continue to make strong efforts to build this campaign and hope to work with several other CSR campaigns that need corporate support.

Do you wish to launch this campaign annually?

Most certainly! This campaign is not a one month campaign. It is slated to be an ongoing program where we will work along with certain causes that need to be communicated to all sections of people living in the UAE. This month it is breast cancer awareness. We have clear cut plans for our other focus areas.

What do you wish to achieve through this campaign?

Very simply put, we want to spread the message of hope and admiration to all those who need it at different times in their lives. I find great pleasure in seeing our entire staff (mostly women) who have been dedicating so much of their time toward The Pink Rose Campaign and their enthusiasm is showing results. On the external front, we want to ensure that the customers who walk into our boutiques are made aware of breast cancer this month and encourage them to give us their short messages for patients. And on the larger front our event participation is spreading the beauty of flowers, letting them know that they can receive love and compassion from unknown people and most of all to be available when people need it most in our simple way.

– Fajer Al-Farsi

Images courtesy of Worood

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