Do Peanuts grow on trees?
An artist talk by Yara El-Sherbini
Moderator: Aya Haidar

International artist Yara El-Sherbini will be giving a talk about her interdisciplinary practice; playful in nature, socio-politically engaged and thoroughly enjoyable. Join her as she speaks about her recent works, which often use popular culture as an access point, discussing how she roots her work in deeply political subjects ranging from borders, identity and the production of knowledge with a lightness of touch.

She will discuss how her practice, which is rooted in site, context and audience, opens who and how people engage with her contemporary practice, and how she uses play, humour and participation to make work that is an entry point for dialogue and discussion.
Artists Yara El-Sherbini and Aya Haidar will also speak about collaboration, collaborative practice and social practice.
Artists and designers in the region 
Monday, November 22, 2021 at 7:00pm
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