Creative and Cultural Insight from the Arab Gulf 

Khaleejesque’s mission is to highlight inspiring people, uncover ambitious projects, tackle cultural issues and most importantly show the world that there is a huge wealth of potential in the region that is waiting to be revealed.

Launched in 2009, quickly became the go-to destination for everything to do with life in the Arab region. The Khaleejesque print publication has been a collectors item since 2012. Whether found in the archives of the V&A in London, UK or in the office of the most prominent businessmen in the Gulf, the publication has become a leisure read, a point of reference for scholars as well as a platform for entrepreneurs to establish their authority in their field.

What does Khaleejesque mean?

The name has been coined by merging the Arabic word for gulf “Khaleej” with the suffix “esque”; creating a playful name which is the Gulf answer to Arabesque, but instead we are Khaleejesque.