Palestyle is a fashion house inspired by the designs and patterns from the rich Palestinian culture and heritage. A socially conscious brand, set up in 2009, to empower Palestinian women in refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine. By tapping into the expertise of these women, Palestyle is not only preserving a dying art but also allowing the women to earn an income and improve their lives.

The brand’s signature look is the rich embroidery, geometric patters and vibrant colors. Palestinian embroidery is not just aesthetically appealing but also tells a story-each thread, motif and color are significant to the plot. The patterns are indigenous to the particular village each woman belongs to and their personal life experiences.

Every item is hand embroidered and then designed into on-trend pieces for the collection. Kuffiyeh inspired tops, calligraphy on shirts, belts with motifs and embroidered shawls, there is enough to revamp an entire wardrobe. There is also an option to custom make designs upon request.

Palestyle has already established itself as a front-runner for the socially conscious labels. They retail within the Middle East and in Europe and orders can also be placed through their website 

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Guest Blogger Saira Malik @saira79

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