Oh hear ye, oh hear ye, attention to all architectural and musical lovers! Please welcome the grand opening of Royal Opera House in Muscat, Oman. Opened on the 14th of October of 2011, the Royal Opera House Muscat finds itself to be the leading arts and culture organization in the Sultanate of Oman as well as the entire Gulf region. Considering that the ruler of Oman, His Excellency Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al-Said, is an avid classical music fan and a lover of art, it is no wonder that this project is wrapped and ready to be shared with the entire region. According to the official website, the vision of the Opera House is to assist as a hub for global cultural engagement.  It was opened with a vision, an aim, to enrich the Sultanate of Oman as well as the Middle East through diverse artistic, cultural, and educational programs.

If you are looking forward to a splendid show to watch in the Middle East, then look no further. With a vast array of shows on display, ranging from Classical Opera, to ballets, to symphony orchestras, it is no wonder that the Royal Opera House is causing such a ruckus amongst avid art lovers. Sold out before the grand opening, the Opera Turandot, as well as Placido Domingo’s singing which was accompanied by the Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra, all were very well received, which makes it all the more of a MUST to get a hold of a ticket for the next available and upcoming shows.

If I could describe the Royal Opera House in anyway, I would choose aesthetically beautiful. The stunning and flexible architecture of the interior of the Royal Opera House of Muscat allows for it to make a shift from theatre mode to concert mode depending on the show all whilst still leading and being one of the best in the business. One should definitely go, if not to attend the shows at least to take a tour of the facilities available, as one would soon realize that this place was not built as just a hub for symphonic orchestras or operas or ballets, but as a cultural institution that can lend itself for promoting performing arts of the world in a region that one would not think would be interested in the fine arts, all while also giving local talents the opportunity to showcase they’re abilities. Also, It has been said that the Royal Opera House of Muscat will host a variety of activities that include open houses for the public that feature free performances, as well as backstage tours.

The WATG group can be thanked for creating such a divine institute of art, for they are the design team behind the beautiful Royal Opera House. Their goal? To design destinations that life the spirit, and surely they hit a home run with their latest creation. Having worked in 160 countries and territories across six continents, WATG has designed more great hotels and resorts than any other firm on the planet; just log on to their site and watch yourself oooh and aaah at every piece available in their vast portfolio. Not only were they behind the architecture and design, but also of the beautiful landscape that surrounds the Royal Opera House.

Although the formal inauguration by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said took place on Wednesday evening, this does not mean that the hype is over. So do yourselves a favor, next holiday destination, do choose Oman; make sure you stay in one of the WATG’s hotels and if you are one to enjoy the beauty of the classical form of art and music, then be sure to attend the theatre, if not to watch a show, at least to bask in its architectural beauty.

For further information visit www.rohmuscat.org.omwww.watg.com

– Ghadeer Al-Otaibi

Images www.rohmuscat.org.om

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