When it comes to lipstick shades, I've always found it very tough to pick colors. But if anyone is going to make it easier for me and create a lipstick collection that is to die for, it's got to be Tom Ford. Tom Ford's first range of colors are so perfectly formed, that it's hard to believe picking a lipstick shade could have been an issue deliberated over.

Tom Ford’s Private Blend Lip Color collection, like his fashion creations, is a sensation. The lip colors are rich and matte, which for me is brilliant, since I'm not a fan of shimmer. There are 12 colors in the line, with each color possessing its own special attractiveness. Two in particular, Pure Pink and True Coral, which incidentally are my favorites, Ford says he had to create "because I literally couldn’t find them anywhere else." They're very 'Sixties' in color, inspired by the research he did for his movie A Single Man, which was set in 1962 LA. While he was busy working on the lipstick collection, Ford was absorbed in references from that era. He came to see the above mentioned shades in old Vogue issues and in vintage beauty ads.

According to Ford, makeup talks a lot about you. You can tell from a person's makeup and colors which decade they are from; whether it’s the twenties, thirties, sixties or seventies .There are colours in the range that are more exhibitionist. Black Orchid, a shade named after his celebrated perfume, is truly a "Tom Ford"; dark and striking. For a more subtle look, Blush Nude is the color that is sure to impress every woman. It's a shade almost every girl out there is looking for; a perfect pinkish beige. It will look amazing during the day with light makeup and attractive during evenings with smoky eyes to look more alluring. I was also very attracted to Ginger Fawn, a beautiful shade of orange.

The lipsticks literally tick all the boxes; they're striking, last for ages (the darker ones have been known to last a day!), feel beautifully moist and smell amazing. Lipsticks won’t change the world, but in their small way, these ones might change your life!

– Noura Al Bahar

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